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Stainless Steel LED Pendant with Glass and Crystals

Code: MODF5151 CRYS

Dimmable with remote control. Colour changes with remote control from cool white to warm white. Length: 1200mm. Width: 300mm. Height: 300mm. Cord: 1500mm. Ceiling cup: 900mm x 120mm. Lamp: 60W LED (included). 1 x LED power supply (included). 1 x Digital remote control (included). 3000K-6000K. 4800 Lumen

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Metal and Polycarbonate LED Pendant

Code: MODP2774 WH

Width: 650mm. Height: 270mm. Cord: 1000mm. Ceiling cup: 1100mm. Lamp: 30W + 36W LED (included). 2 x LED Power supply (included). 2700K - 6000K. 4000 Lumen. Press once: Cool white LED switch on. Press again: Warm white LED switch on. Press again: All LED switch on. Also available in grey. Code: MODP2774 GREY

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